Benefits our Social Media Agency will bring to your Business

Our Social media team will ensure faster marketing channels where you can quickly receive reviews concerning your business and respond to customer’s concerns. Additionally, it helps in networking and partnership where you easily interact with a large number of people to create new opportunities.

Using social media platforms will also increase your brand awareness, improve your search engine ranking, and increase website traffic which results in higher conversion rates.

Create Content That Converts Leads
Identify Valuable Customer Data
Earn Customer Loyalty
Engage With Potential Customers
Popular Social Media Marketing Channels

Achieve instant publicity online with our expert social media marketing campaigns. In this day and age, a social media presence is essential for your business’ prosperity. There is no better way to generate enquiries and engage directly with your customers. However, we know social media can be overwhelming and often a distraction from the real hard work behind the scenes of your business. Our social media marketing campaigns will maximise your business’s success without putting extra work on you.
Facebook Advertising

M65 Social media experts will help you use Facebook to reach out to potential clients in the world’s largest social network. Create a business Facebook account and post images concerning your venture with some surprising content to create a fun ad. You can also post videos in newsfeeds and stories to show your production process. Start with a narrower audience base then broaden it with time as you add other exciting categories. Note that paid Facebook advertisements can help increase the reach of your content.

Twitter Advertising

Use Twitter ads to connect with a global audience and drive traffic to add value to your brand. We will help you create an account for your business, build an audience and engage them with tweets. Include links in your ads to drive traffic in your webpage and generate more conversions. Pair your ads with premium content, and get people to watch your videos. It helps businesses develop strategies to achieve long term goals by creating original content.

LinkedIn Marketing

Marketing your business on this platform will help you engage with a professional community to generate leads related to your venture. You can choose to engage your audience in LinkedIn messaging, using native ads in the feeds, desktop ads or using automatically personalized ads. We will help to refine your profile, incorporate relevant keywords and phrases, link to your page and share relevant information.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube can also help you capture the attention of potential clients and keep your brand relevant to existing ones. While creating a YouTube ad, connect with your audience through emotions and storytelling, then integrate your brand authentically. Having a defined goal and targeting the relevant audience is essential to your success.

Professionally Designed Profiles

Our team of experts utilize the most effective social media platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to grow your brands reach.

With our social media marketing campaigns, we can:

– Boost your brands identity.

– Raise your profits through targeted sales campaigns.

– Increase your publicity and attract new customers to your business using optimised engagement.

We offer seamless marketing across every platform. Your website, adverts and social media profiles will tie together, helping your intended audience to find your business online with ease.

A strong social media presence will bring you real results that you can see, and we can help you maintain this into the future by monitoring real data, sales, engagement and conversion rates.
Why use M65 Social Media Agency for Social Media Management

Our social team will help you keep up with social engagement by centralising all feedbacks, concerns, and questions into a single stream to help you track inbound and outbound messages. We will manage multiple social platforms, saving you the time and effort needed to juggle through accounts. It also streamlines team collaboration in large accounts and increases social accountability. Social media management helps to analyse social performance by providing data to help you make strategies.
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