Our first page ranking procedure

  1. Goal setting, Planning, and Implementation

    Planning, Research, and Setup The first step is to do a comprehensive assessment of your present website and/or marketing initiatives.

    To go deep into your website’s architecture, we employ tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, aHrefs, SEMrush, and Screaming Frog.

    If you have not yet signed up for Google Search Console or Google Analytics, this will be one of the first things we do.

    We not only analyse your website, but we also look at what your rivals are doing in order to gain an advantage over them.

  2. SEO Audit & Strategy

    We begin our keyword research after thoroughly understanding your present website from a technical, content, and user viewpoint, as well as reviewing rivals.

    Selecting the keywords that your buyers will use to locate your goods or service. Assuring high-quality focused traffic.

    Armed with the keywords we want to target; we develop a strategy for creating content around the keywords.

    We expand on existing assets on your website, but we can also find holes in your search results through competition analysis.

    We will create specific landing pages for your campaign so that it can get off to a good start.

    They are designed to convert and will be thoroughly optimised for both the consumer and Google.

  3. On-page Optimization

    At the outset of a campaign, SEO Singleton normally find “low hanging fruit,” which is usually optimising meta descriptions, titles, and developing the internal link structure.

    If there are any urgent user experience concerns, such as sluggish page performance, we usually get right on it.

  4. Content Creation

    You will require excellent content as part of your inbound marketing plan. This might be in the form of eBooks, blogs, or infographics.

    You only have a few seconds to create an impression on visitors to your website, so position yourself as an authority figure. Our content marketing experts can help you create a robust content marketing campaign.

  5. Link Building

    Backlinks to your website have long been a ranking element in search results.

    Years ago, it was all about getting as many connections to your website as possible, regardless of the quality of the websites you were connecting from.

    Because search engines have progressed, you should create links from reputable websites rather than spammy websites.

    The objective is to not only develop connections to websites with high Domain Authority (DA), but also to ensure that those sites are relevant to your sector.

  6. Reporting

    We provide you clear, concise information at predetermined intervals. To line with our beliefs of transparency, we avoid using technical jargon.

    We want you to be able to see things clearly so that you can fully grasp the results you are getting and the work we put in to obtain the outcomes.

  7. Continuous Improvements

    Working in collaboration with you, the SEO services we give are ongoing, and we will continue to develop on a regular basis.

    National SEO | Mobile SEO | Local SEO | that aids in the growth of your business

    SEO Expert Project supervised by a team member with over 15 years of local SEO experience.

    Keyword Research

    Choosing the most valuable keywords for your local business.

    Perspectives on Growth

    Tips and tips to assist you in developing a more effective local web marketing.

    Dashboard of performance

    You will have 24-hour access to your live keyword rankings and data.

Why SEO Agency Singleton

We are a pleasant, ROI-focused firm that puts your company’s values at the centre of everything we do.

We meticulously construct a quantifiable approach to make you more money and enhance your online brand.

We are continually monitoring Google’s latest algorithm modifications to ensure that we are employing the most up-to-date tactics to achieve the greatest results for your company.

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How we do it

SEO Audit - Reviewing the website for coding, content and security issues.
Technical SEO – Correct issues raised from the SEO Audit.
Keyword Analysis – Determining accurate and relevant search topics, phrases, and keywords.
Competitor Audit – Find there strengths and weaknesses then create a custom SEO Strategy.
Onsite SEO – Optimise content, urls, headers, images and the over all website.
Offsite SEO – Work on content marketing such as blogger outreach and backlink creation.
Analytics – Regular reports and review stats to keep improving the seo.
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