Why should you use SEO Agency Ellel as your SEO company?

  • Demonstrated Results

    A slew of Google number one rankings for a variety of competitive phrases, as well as consistent visitor increase month after month, year after year.

  • Distinctive skill set

    We maximise outcomes by combining marketing, creative, and technological abilities with business know-how.

  • SEO Process That Works

    Our results-oriented approach enables us to get exceptional SEO results. Furthermore, you will be able to see exactly what we will be doing for you and when.

  • SEO Best Practice

    Goodbye, spammy SEO. Everything we do is in accordance with Google best practises to ensure the greatest potential rankings and the lowest possibility of penalties.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Each month, you’ll receive customised statistics and updates on your KPIs, allowing you to understand how effectively your SEO strategy is performing.

  • KPI Display

    Our simple dashboard consolidates all your essential data in one location, allowing you to track campaign progress and SEO outcomes in real time.

Our SEO Ellel Techniques

Our tried and tested SEO approach is divided into phases: Research, Roadmap, Repair, Review, Report, Rank. We are firm believers in SEO.

Increasing relevance for Lancashire & UK businesses with on-page SEO

Many websites look and sound wonderful, but not all are adequately optimised for high search engine results. On-page SEO is the process of improving numerous components of a website, such as content, photos, and meta descriptions, to enhance its chances of success in search engines.

  • Speed

    Pages that load quickly are essential for high search engine rankings. We’ll speed up all your site’s pages and make sure they’re Google-bot friendly.
  • URLs

    Both search engines and online visitors need to know what the page they’re looking at is about. This is made possible by a well-crafted URL.
  • Headings

    The title of a web page appears first in search results. Furthermore, it is a critical ranking component. As a result, a well-written title is essential.
  • Descriptions

    Web visitors are drawn to search results that provide a detailed description of a page. A well-written description increases your chances of getting that click.
  • Images

    Search engines look at image tags in addition to site pages. Keywords are important not just for content but also for visuals.
  • Titles

    Increasing traffic and increasing engagement are immediate outcomes of optimising heading tags in online content. We’ve mastered the art.
  • Optimized content

    Optimized content successfully responds to search engine queries. Blogs and web copywriting are two of our specialties.
  • The code

    When Google crawls your site, you don’t want it to encounter any stumbling obstacles, such as badly structured code. As a result, we will optimise for a smooth run.

Increasing authority with off-page SEO

Off-page search engine optimization may be thought of as PR for your website and online publicity for your company, as well as an important component of organic SEO for your Surrey or London business. Your website’s authority will be rated by potential consumers and Google. A website that is linked to, referenced, and shared by other websites, blogs, social media, and online portals is more likely to rank higher and receive more accolades.

  • Hands-on Outreach

    Reaching out to increase your inbound links is an important element of our job in gaining authority for your site. And Google appreciates authority.
  • Infographics

    Infographics are visually appealing. Engaging. Infographics are extremely powerful as an SEO tactic because people are compelled to link to them.
  • Guest Posts

    Adding a guest post to another site, will not only raise your profile, but you will also gain a link back to your own site, which will increase your authority.
  • Citations for Business

    Do you run a local business? SEO Ellel will create and manage internet references for your company.
Instant SEO Audit Tool

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How we do it

SEO Audit - Reviewing the website for coding, content and security issues.
Technical SEO – Correct issues raised from the SEO Audit.
Keyword Analysis – Determining accurate and relevant search topics, phrases, and keywords.
Competitor Audit – Find there strengths and weaknesses then create a custom SEO Strategy.
Onsite SEO – Optimise content, urls, headers, images and the over all website.
Offsite SEO – Work on content marketing such as blogger outreach and backlink creation.
Analytics – Regular reports and review stats to keep improving the seo.
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