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Our Lancashire SEO Agency uses tried and tested SEO techniques that we use for our client’s websites to increase there search engine rankings. Offering bespoke SEO packages we are able to tailor our SEO services to suit all individual business, regardless of their size, location or industry. Our digital marketing experts, make websites mobile and Google friendly using technical and on-page optimisation techniques. M65 SEO Agency excel at offsite optimisation techniques and focus on contextual and outreach driven backlinks, gained naturally which have a positive impact on traffic and brand awareness alongside increasing your search engine positions.
Research and Analysis

One of the reasons that SEO is so successful is that it’s a quantifiable service. With SEO, you are able to track your results, discovering where your leads are coming from so you can continue to funnel this traffic most effectively. SEO analysis will also allow you to discover the demographic of visitors to your website and allow you to adjust your content and marketing accordingly.
SEO Audit

The SEO audit helps in improving the visibility of the website. Google changes its algorithms frequently; therefore, it becomes crucial to conduct an SEO audit to identify all the new search engine ranking trends. It also helps in determining accurate and relevant search topics, phrases, and keywords that ultimately brings more traffic and visitors to your site. Check Your Website Score with a FREE SEO AUDIT
Technical SEO

We work on cleaning up the website coding and any server issues so that the search engines are able to crawl your websites fast and easily. The following three points must be looked at. 1. It helps in preventing tdead links from your website, which are frustrating for a user. 2. It helps in optimising the security of the website. 3. Slow websites are annoying, technical SEO can make your website fast.
Onsite SEO

Changes in the meta title of your page, descriptions, accessibility, internal links, and content are a part of an onsite SEO. Optimise your URLs by creating short links and including a keyword inside each URL. Implementing onsite changes will help your users to understand what your site is about very quickly and clearly. Our creative digital PR writers create unique, relevant comprehensive content to boost your ranking in the SERPs.
Local SEO Service

Small to medium businesses benefit from our local seo services, which are geo targeted and optimised for the clients services. We gain rankings in their chosen locations and help increase brand awareness. Our seo experts add your business to Google My Business, improve the structure of your internal linking, and optimise URL’s, headers, title tags, meta descriptions, and your content. Local SEO is perfect for companies that offer localised services in particular areas and those with popular physical stores.
Backward Link Building

They play a vital role in SEO. These are the sites that are linked to your site. The high-quality ranking signals are helpful in building the position of the website. We create quality content using various seo friendly marketing techniques all within Google’s guidelines to earn quality inbound links back to your website naturally. Online press releases, outreach to blogs and info graphic outreach are a few of our proven seo friendly methods.
Reporting & Analytics

Whether you are a National or Local SEO client at our Lancashire SEO Agency all of the work that we carry our is 100% track and traceable. We take the time to explain what SEO work needs doing and what we are doing to improve the rankings for our clients. All client’s have there own access to our user friendly client portal. This allows our clients to check what work is being carried out and for them to review the progress being made. For a free, no obligation SEO review, get in touch.
Our Proven 5 Step SEO Strategy


    Coding errors corrected and Onsite SEO set in place.


    Search engines use these links as a ranking factor.


    Real time stats and reports provided.


    We carry out an seo audit to identify any issues.


    A custom SEO strategy is created for you.

Benefits of SEO  
SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a cost effective essential solution when it comes to staying ahead of the competition and keeping your website ranking high in Google for relevant searches. Building up backward links and optimising your website for targeted keywords can help drive more traffic to your website and should be a key component of any marketing and PR strategy. It helps in building the brand awareness of your website which is a great way to increase your credibility among customers.
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