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Pay Per Click marketing can give your company the chance to attract serious customers in the most effective way possible. Using a heady mix of carefully curated keywords combined with well-organised campaigns, we can help to ensure that every click on your website really matters. Intelligently targeted Pay Per Click campaigns can maximise your potential and increase your revenue, one click at a time.
Create, Innovate and Collaborate

Our team of experienced and creative PPC professionals are always thinking of ways to help you increase your income simply finding the right way to attract your target audience. With both eyes firmly fixed on the ball, we know how to leverage the awesome power of search engines and social media to turn clicks into cash flow for your business.
PPC Management Services

We provide a variety of Pay Per Click management services..

Working with you at all times, we can help you to say goodbye to expensive click throughs that cost you money without conversions, and take the pain out of Pay Per Click advertising.
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  • Tracking your Ads Positions

  • Identify the Display Network Placements Patterns

  • Check and Tweak Individual Campaign Budgets

  • Review Keyword Performance

  • Check and Review of Ads

  • Review Impression Share Reports

  • Analysis of Campaign Performance

  • Ongoing Campaign Management

  • Analysis of URLs & Landing Pages

  • Research New Keyword Trends

Popular PPC Marketing Channels 

Our 5 Step PPC Marketing Process


Defining your Goals

Our PPC experts will work closely with you to identify your marketing goals before starting a PPC marketing strategy. This is what you will be working on and aiming to achieve. As a result, we can select the best platforms and Ad types ideal for your marketing goals and in most cases this is most effective when combined with our seo services.

Audience Targeting

This crucial step involves identifying what kinds of audience can help fulfill your business goals. After that, we can focus on the planning and development of the campaigns.

Optimise your Landing Pages (URLs)

A good PPC manager should draw a strong linkage between the audience targeted and the URLs landing page. M65 SEO Agency will ensure that the chosen keywords are perfectly optimised and targetted to the correct pages.

Create your Ads

Upon deciding who your target audience is, we will optimise your landing pages, and create and build your ppc campaign ads.

Analyze and Maximize your PPC Campaign Strategy

This is the final stage, and it involves identifying keywords and targeting features that can help drive your campaign’s goals. Here, we will need to work out which channel is most effective for your ads.

Reasons To Choose Us as Your PPC Managment Agency

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  • Gains and drives traffic to your website

  • Gives you full control of the budget and campaigns

  • Accurate measuring and traceability of your business clicks and conversions

  • Compatible with other marketing channels

  • PPC marketing provides fast results and feedback, compared to other forms of advertisement

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