What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach (also sometimes referred to as influencer marketing) is a clever marketing tool that allows you to interact with your followers and customers like never before. By using an array of utterly awesome promotional content you can boost your friends and followers, in return for favourable reviews or mutually beneficial backlinks.
This “you scratch my back” approach has become increasingly popular in a world were Instagram is king and bloggers and influencers are modern day celebrities. Think of it this way, if word of mouth was once the best way to let the world know about the brilliance of your business, social media now allows that voice to be heard a million times over, all across the globe.
By collaborating with influencers who have a substantial following, that same voice can literally echo around the internet, and all for the very low cost of free products or services.Another very useful element of blogger outreach is the ability to place guest posts or promotional posts on successful bloggers websites.These in-content links allow your potential customers to read about your product in the words of their favourite blogger, then simply clink through to find you website themselves. Fast, incredibly effective and game changing when it comes to increasing the success of your SEO, blogger outreach provides a natural, authentic way to increase your market share.
Our process

Our experts really understand how to make blogger outreach work for you. We foster strong relationships with relevant and popular bloggers, and work with them to provide amazing content on their website or vlog that will draw your audience in.
Because we understand how useful blogging can be as a marketing tool, we work hard to identify exactly which influencers and bloggers are likely to appeal to your followers. We develop strong content marketing strategies, while creating SEO-friendly articles and blogs pieces that can be used for highly effective link building.
Once the perfect blog piece is created, we utilise the power of social media to promote blogs and vlogs on platforms that offer much more potential to entice new customers in.Whatever your business is, we are in the business of finding the right people and places to help you increase the traffic to your website and improve your SEO.
Niche Editorial Backlinks from Bloggers, & PR Influencers

UK Blogger Outreach Service

We offer high-quality blogger outreach content for your website and to pitch to real influential blogs. Ideal for Businesses or Agencies.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

We will integrate editorial links into your press releases and through targetted media distribution increase visitors to your website.

Infographic Creation and Outreach Service

They help pass relevant information to potential customers without the need for a lot of wording. It breaks down news into visual representations.

Real sites, not PBNs

All of the websites that we identify for outreach placements are authoritive, niche and thoroughly vetted by to ensure they are white hat and will deliver results.

Link approval scheme

We can supply you with details of the blogs and websites that we are pitching through blogger outreach before securing the niche editorial outreach placements.

Relevance is key

We only place links on websites that are 100% relevant to our clients and their products/services – ensuring that all of our work is as natural as possible.

In-house content

We have an in-house team of experienced UK content writers that are able to work to strict guidelines as well as being able to use their own initiative.

Direct relationships

With over 15 years’ SEO experience we have a built up a network of influential contacts which enables us access to many great niche authority websites.

UK based agency

Our entire team in based in the UK, allowing for us to have the most efficient contact with our clients. They can call us for assistance whenever they need, and even pop in to see us.

Blogger Outreach Services

100% Genuine Blogger Outreach acquiring in-content editorial links and mentions.


Low Level

from £80per placement
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Moz D25+ Blogs
  • Majestic TF10 Average
  • Includes 600 Word Blog
  • 1 Anchor Text per Target URL
  • YOU Approve Content
  • YOU Approve Outreach URL
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(7-10 Day Delivery)

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement - £100 Each

5+ Placements - £90 Each

10+ Placements - £80 Each


Mid Level

from £130per placement
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Moz DA35+ Blogs
  • Majestic TF15 Average
  • Includes 600 Word Blog
  • 1 Anchor Text per Target URL
  • YOU Approve Content
  • YOU Approve Outreach URL
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(7-10 Day Delivery)

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement - £150 Each

5+ Placements - £140 Each

10+ Placements - £130 Each


High Level

from £250per placement
  • 100% Genuine Outreach
  • Moz DA55+ Blogs
  • Majestic TF20 Average
  • Includes 700 Word Blog
  • 1 Anchor Text per Target URL
  • YOU Approve Content
  • YOU Approve Outreach URL
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(7-10 Day Delivery)

Bulk Discounts

1 Placement - £300 Each

5+ Placements - £275 Each

10+ Placements - £250 Each

If you are interested in any of our content marketing services please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team are always delighted to discuss our blogger outreach services with customers and are constantly on hand to answer any related questions.

Benefits of blogger outreach

As the digital marketplace constantly evolves it is imperative that your business is able to evolve with it. There are many benefits to using blogger outreach, and these are just a few reasons why you need it help grow your brand:

Blogger outreach is extremely cost effective

By simply identifying the right blogs and influencers for your brand, you can have them reach out to thousands of potential new leads for sometimes just the cost of a free product or exposure to your services.

It will connect you with your audience, instantly

Never mind waiting around for blanket marketing campaigns to get results, blogger outreach gives you instant feedback in the form of comments or likes, so you can see just how well you are performing.

It cements your reputation

If a popular blogger likes your product, then chances are lots of other people will too. A favourable review is utterly priceless.

It helps you find new platforms

If your social media marketing or SEO campaigns have been stuck in a rut, blogger outreach can help you find new ways to grow brand awareness, and increase the number of platforms you can be found on.

It can help you go global

Local advertising is important, but being able to reach out to global audience could send your business into the stratosphere. With popular bloggers having worldwide audiences, the right collaboration could literally see you conquer the world.

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