PPC Management

PPC Management


Our PPC set-up and management services enable our clients to get first page rankings from word go. Taking pay-per-click to the next level here at SEO Lancashire we have an in-house PPC team whom have passed all of the relevant exams and that evolve daily to keep up to date with the best and most beneficial Google AdWords practices.

Offering bespoke PPC packages there isn’t any company that we cannot help. We are able to work to all budgets and requirements, achieving maximum exposure and results. With an in-depth understanding of PPC we are able to make your money go further than you could have ever imagined, getting you the most relevant and beneficial clicks for the lowest possible prices.

PPC Audits

Here at SEO Lancashire the first thing we do when speaking to new and potential PPC clients is the completion of in-depth PPC audits, allowing companies to understand how they are currently performing in terms of Google pad advertising, and showing them how we could assist them in obtaining better ROI.

Completing in-depth PPC audits allows our team of specialists to find specific areas that need improvement and construct high-performing PPC accounts for clients, based on their individual requirements and goals. These PPC audits of free of charge, and can be delivered to you the same day an enquiring.

Display Advertising and Remarketing

At SEO Lancashire, we do not only offer basic PPC campaigns but we also PPC campaigns consisting of display advertising and remarketing, to ensure that our clients are able to get the most out of Google AdWords. PPC is not a one-size-fits-all marketing method, it is important that the best strategies are created for each client to ensure optimum return on investment and our PPC team are here to help you.

Display advertising is highly beneficial for a number of reasons… Display ads have a high reach and can be seen by high numbers of people. Display advertising also comes with multiple targeting options that are not available through search marketing, including but not limited to topic and interest targeting and remarketing.

Remarketing is also very important for companies, and an aspect of paid advertising that our team excel at. Remarketing can help drive visitors involved in a conversion process back into a sales scenario, ensuring that the maximum number of sales are completed.

Whatever your ultimate business goal is, we are sure that our PPC team will be able to help you reach it. Simply get in touch to discuss your individual needs and requirements today.

AdWords Express

We are also able to set-up and mange AdWords Express Campaigns. Many people are led to think that AdWords Express is easy to use, however whilst it may do some of the work for you, professionals such as ourselves are still needed to ensure that the best results can be achieved.

Many of our SEO customers choose AdWords Express add-ons in order to get instant rankings whilst waiting for their organic rankings to kick in. Which we of course, think is a great idea.

Want to learn more and discuss your best options? Give our team a call.

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